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Skin Pigmentation Removal with Lasers

Skin Pigmentation Removal with Lasers.

Pigmentation laser, either alone or complemented with topical creams, offers one of the best ways to lighten skin pigmentation.

We all battle with unwanted, unsightly pigmentation on our faces and even on sun- exposed areas of our body like the arms and legs. Like it or not, sun exposure is not something that we can completely avoid. Accumulated sun exposure starts from our younger days. Either from outdoor sports at school or as a result of our own outdoor recreational activities. Many of us do not see the importance of sun protection, until pigmentation starts to occur years later.

Do laser treatments really help to lighten pigmentation?

Many scientific studies have been done over the years to prove the efficacy of the Q-Switch ND Yag Pigment laser. This laser has been used successfully to lighten pigmentation in thousands of patients. The extent of lightening from laser treatments also depend on the type and nature of the pigmentation. A consultation with a doctor can help to assess the type of pigmentation and the suitability of the treatment.

How does Pigmentation Removal with lasers work?

The Q-Switch ND Yag pigment laser targets melanin pigments in the skin. Dark spots on the skin contain more melanin compared to other parts of the skin. As the laser is passed over, it is attracted to the melanin within the skin. The laser beams will heat and break up the unwanted melanin pigments and this will be absorbed and removed by the body over the next few days. A few sessions is usually required to gradually lighten most pigmentation.

Will the Q-Switch ND Yag pigment laser thin my skin?

Contrary to popular belief, the Q-Switch ND Yag pigment laser will not thin the skin. As it is not an ablative laser, the skin surface is intact after each treatment and thinning of the skin will not occur. In fact, regular sessions of the Q-Switch ND Yag laser will help to stimulate collagen growth within the skin. This further improves the skin condition and reduces pore size.

Does the pigmentation laser make my skin more sensitive?

The Q-Switch ND Yag pigment laser is suitable for most skin types. As it does not ablate the skin surface, most patients do not experience increased sensitivity after treatment with this laser.

Will the treated pigmentation become worse once I stop treatment?

Absolutely not. The unwanted pigmentation once treated with laser will usually remain much lighter than before. However, due to constant sun exposure, new skin pigmentation will surface from time to time. Hence, maintenance laser sessions are usually recommended once every couple of months after intensive treatment has been completed.

How many sessions will I need?

This depends on the type of pigmentation. Most pigmentation such as freckles or sunspots will usually require 5-10 sessions every 2 weekly to clear up significantly. There are however other types of stubborn pigmentation that may take longer to clear up or even require long term maintenance treatment. A consultation with a doctor can help to determine the type of pigmentation that you have and the number of sessions needed.

What else can be done to help the spots lighten faster?

Besides regular laser sessions, topical lightening creams such as hydroquinone, can be applied at home. This helps to hasten the process and further lighten unwanted pigmentation.

Can this pigmentation laser be used on other parts of my body?

Yes! This pigmentation laser can be used on unwanted dark spots on almost any part of the skin. Common areas besides the face includes the arms, hands, neck, legs and even underarm areas!

Unwanted pigmentation can cloud one’s skin and complexion. Regular application of Sunscreen is the best method to prevent or reduce pigmentation. Thankfully, with technology, skin pigmentation can now be treated with lasers. Feel confident again with a brighter and more even skin tone!

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