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A smoother and fuller temple, through filler injections, can enhance one’s youthful appearance.

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What are Temple Fillers?

Temple fillers can replace volume loss in our temples. Our temples are located at the sides of our face, just slightly above our eyes. As we age, our temples lose volume and structural support. This results in the hollowing of the temples, contributing to a sunken, aged appearance.

Hollow, sunken temples can make you look older than your actual age. This volume loss can be easily replaced through temple filler injections.

How is it done?

Dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid which is a natural substance found in the body. An appropriate type of dermal filler with just the right viscosity and thickness will be selected for the injection. A topical numbing cream is first applied to the temples.

Rejuvenation of the temples involves a simple procedure of 1-2 tiny injections of temple filler per side. Depending on the amount of volume lost, on average 1-2cc of filler would be required to fill up sunken temples.


A full and smooth temple can smoothen the contours of the face and give you a more youthful appearance. Temple fillers typically last between 12-24 months*

As the filler contains lignocaine, a numbing agent, the procedure is made much more comfortable.  There is basically no downtime with fillers. Some possible side effects include slight swelling or bruising but this typically resolves quickly.

The longevity of a dermal filler depends on the type of filler used, the age of the patient, the amount of filler used and the area of filler placement.

How much will it cost you?

Temple Filler price start from $700*

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Nothing in this website constitutes or is intended to constitute medical advice and readers rely on the statements contained herein at their own risk. Treatment results, experiences and downtime (if any) may vary by individuals. Please make an appointment with our clinic for a thorough medical assessment of your condition and treatment requirements.

Dr. Kellyn Shiau
Dr Kellyn Shiau graduated from University with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. She also holds a Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine from the National University of Singapore. After graduation, she practiced medicine in various major restructured hospitals and also privately with a well-established medical group in Singapore. She is experienced and has trained extensively in medical aesthetics for many years.


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