Creating the popular “V-shaped” face and indirectly creates the visual illusion of a slimmer face.

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Why should I get Chin Fillers?

The chin plays an important role in maintaining facial beauty, harmony and balance. A well-proportionate chin improves one’s overall aesthetic appeal as it plays a significant role in creating the popular “V-shaped” face and indirectly creates the visual illusion of a slimmer face.

Using non-surgical chin enhancement treatments such as fillers, the chin can be brought forward, in cases of receding chins, or lengthened to create the ideal 1/3 proportion of the lower face in comparison to the whole face.

How is it done?

A specially formulated numbing cream is first applied to the chin to make the procedure more comfortable. Fillers are then injected into the chin via one or two injection sites.

As the filler contains lignocaine (a numbing agent), the procedure is almost painless. This is followed by a gentle massage to mould the filler in place. The chin filler injection is a quick procedure with minimal downtime.

Are there any side effects?

Major side effects are uncommon. There is minimal down time. Some possible side effects include slight swelling, bruising or needle marks. These side effects if occurs usually dissipate quickly.

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What's more?

It is not necessary to continue chin filler injections regularly if you decide not to. The appearance of the chin will not become worse than before if you choose to stop the maintenance of the chin filler.

Absolutely not! Chin fillers can give a very natural appearance as long as it is not over done. It is recommended to discuss with your doctor on the type of appearance you would like your chin to have before the chin filler injection.

Chin fillers are still moldable within the first few hours of injection, up to 2 days. It is not recommended to massage the area before it has fully settled.

Yes! Immediately after the chin filler placement, the enhancement can be seen visually. Facial contouring with filler placements are immediate.

Yes! When the chin is lengthened through chin fillers, the face is also lengthened overall and can appear slimmer.

Chin filler injections are quite well tolerated. Typically 1-2 injection points.

A slight prick can be felt when the needle enters the skin to deliver the chin filler but nothing much more than that. With numbing cream, the sensation of the needle entering the skin is further reduced.

Chin dimpling can be due to either overactive muscles in the chin or due to the lack of chin volume. Chin fillers can help improve this appearance by reducing the dimpling. For very strong chin muscles, a touch of anti-wrinkle injection will help to relax the chin muscles.

Majority of patients will not have any issues. In the unfortunate event that the chin filler is shifted due to extreme force, not to worry.

Sometimes a light massage can shift the filler back in place or slight alterations can be done with a filler dissolvent known as Hyalase.


Your chin will be more proportionate and your overall aesthetic appeal enhanced.

Depending on the type of filler chosen, chin fillers typically last between 6-24 months*.

How much will it cost you?

Chin Filler prices start from $500*

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