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Pigmentation Treatment in Singapore


Having crystal clear complexion is the holy grail of beauty.

A vast majority of us are plagued by unwanted facial pigmentation, whether in tiny spots or in large patches of varying colours.

What is Pigmentation?

Pigmentation is caused by an oversupply of melanin in an area of skin. This could be due to natural inborn factors or external causes such as sun exposure.

Hyperpigmentation due to sun exposure is one of the main culprits of pigmentation in most individuals.


What types of Pigmentation are there?

Different types of pigmentation have their own unique characteristics and therefore require different methods of treatment. Here are 3 common types of Pigmentation:


Freckles are small brown marks that usually appear on sun-exposed areas.

Freckles and solar lentigos can be easily lightened or removed with a laser known as the Q-switched ND Yag laser. The laser beam targets the melanin in the skin and breaks up the dark particles. The dark particles are then removed from the body naturally over the next few days or weeks.

Solar Lentigos

Solar lentigos, on the other hand, are larger and have more defined outlines compared to freckles. They usually arise in middle age and appear on sun-exposed areas such as the face, arms and hands.

These types of pigmentation occur due to the overproduction of melanin in these areas.


Melasma results in symmetrical, brownish patches on the face. It is more common in women and also in brown or tan complexions such as Asian skin. It is caused by a variety of factors including sun exposure, pregnancy and hormonal treatment or imbalances.

Due to the unique nature of melasma, it is more difficult to treat compared with most other types of pigmentation. It can be slow to respond to treatment and may need more sessions of laser before lightening effects are observed. Once treatment is discontinued, melasma may still return. Hence, melasma usually requires routine treatment for maintenance even after a successful series of treatments.


How is it done?

The mainstay of treatment is prevention through the use of ample sunblock lotion with diligent and frequent re-application. Once pigmentation occurs, a combination of several treatment methods can be used to lighten it. This includes oral medication, chemical peels, laser treatments and topical creams such as Cyspera.

Our doctor will be able to formulate treatment protocol to suit each individual’s skin condition and pigmentation concerns. Customised treatment is designed to help achieve pigmentation lightening, bringing you one step closer to crystal clear skin.

What is Cyspera?

Cyspera is a skin pigment-correcting and melasma cream that harnesses a natural antioxidant found in the body, that helps reduce pigmentation and lighten the skin.

What laser treatments help with Pigmentation?

Our facial laser treatment in Singapore is just as effective. The Q-switch ND Yag laser is a device that is medically proven to reduce pigmentation. It targets melanin in the skin and breaks it down, resulting in the lightening of the targeted pigmented area.

In addition to the Q-switch ND Yag laser, IPL treatments can also be performed on the skin to lighten targeted pigments and produce an overall brightening effect.

If I do not have much pigmentation, what else can laser do for me?

Besides treating pigmentation, regular Q- Switch ND Yag Laser and IPL treatments can help to create a brighter and even skin complexion.  Regular treatment sessions can help to stimulate collagen growth and can even minimise the appearance of pores.

How much will it cost you?

Q-Switch ND Yag Laser price:

10 sessions $1988*

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Nothing in this website constitutes or is intended to constitute medical advice and readers rely on the statements contained herein at their own risk. Treatment results, experiences and downtime (if any) may vary by individuals. Please make an appointment with our clinic for a thorough medical assessment of your condition and treatment requirements.

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