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Body Contouring Services


Venus Legacy

Venus Legacy utilizes cutting edge medical aesthetics technology that slims, sculpts, and contours the body.


Stretch Marks

Are the tiger marks preventing you from putting on that favourite bikini and enjoying yourself under the sun?


Calf Reduction

Conscious of those calf muscles whenever you need to put on high heels or wear a short skirt? Be confident in wearing whatever you want!


Sweaty Underarm / Palms

Β Always having second thoughts before offering a handshake or never have been able to have a firm grip of anything as your palms are always wet?

Studio HD capture of unrecognizable woman in underwear testing fat layer on waist. Perfect slim tanned body - an example of sports, dieting, fitness or plastic surgery and aesthetic cosmetology

Fat Freeze

With advances in technology, getting rid of that stubborn fat can be a simple process. One can now look forward to shedding stubborn fat.

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