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Your face, your choice.


If you’re looking for a V-shaped face or a nose threadlift we have the facial contouring treatment you are looking for!


Are you looking to rejuvenate your face and lift sagging skin? There are many different procedures that can give you smoother, tighter and more youthful skin


Looking to reduce that fat around the waist? Or are maybe get rid of those nasty stretch marks? We have the body treatment for you!


Are you looking to protect, course, and revitalise your skin? Whether you are succumbing to an acne epidemic or wish to re-hydrate your skin we have the treatment that is right for you


Tired of shaving, plucking or waxing hair in areas across your face and on your body? We have a treatment that can help!


Do your eyes look tired? Could it do with a little rejuvenation? Our eye treatments will transform your eyes to looking and feeling fresher and younger than ever before!

Why Choose
Lux Aesthetic?


No two individuals are the same. Our treatments are customized to each individual person’s unique skin type and needs.


We provide medical treatments that are backed by research and proven results. Our doctor has treated thousands of delighted patients and knows the right solutions for your concerns. We recommend only the treatments that you need.

and Safety

At our medical aesthetic clinic, we offer a range of results-driven aesthetic services for all skin types. Your safety is our highest priority. We use high quality medical products, cutting-edge equipment and technology that are FDA and HSA approved.

Your Doctor

Dr. Kellyn Shiau

No two individuals are the same. Our treatments are customized to each individual person’s unique skin type and needs. Through consultation with our doctor, a thorough analysis will be undertaken.

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