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Why You Should Consider Calf Reduction Injections

Are you unhappy with your bulky calves? Considering calf reduction injections but unsure if it’s the right treatment for you? If so, you are certainly in the right spot. We have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions that come up time and again in our enquiries, and  answered them transparently. It’s time to unveil the wonders of calf reduction injections. So, get ready to embark on this exciting journey of attaining slimmer and fabulous calves that you can’t find by dieting or joining any gym!

Why Are My Calves Getting Bigger?

Before diving into what calf reduction injections are all about, let’s talk about why some individuals have bigger calves. If genetics crossed your mind, you are not wrong. However, it isn’t the one causative factor for bulky calves. Excessive exercise, fluid retention, obesity, and developmental disorders can result in bigger calves. 

Can I Slim Down My Calves Without Undergoing Surgery?

Absolutely! This is exactly what calf reduction injections do. As the name implies, this procedure involves the use of tiny, ultra-fine needles to inject a muscle-relaxant protein (Btx) that relaxes the calf muscles and shrinks them, providing a slimming effect. The injections are administered into the gastrocnemius, the chief muscles that form the bulk of the back of the lower leg (mid to upper calf). They work by blocking the nerve signals that are responsible for activating your muscles. Around 80 to 100 units are usually required per calf, but the dose will depend on the size of your muscles. 

Are Calf Reduction Injections Painful and is It Dangerous?

No, not at all. At Lux Medical Aesthetic Clinic, we start the procedure by applying a topical numbing cream to ensure you are free from pain and discomfort. In terms of recovery, you may experience slight tenderness, but this can be minimised by applying a cold compress following the treatment. But this treatment is generally well tolerated and considered a safe and effective non-invasive technique to achieve slim legs. Btx was developed in the 1970s and has been widely used since 1980 for a host of different factors, including muscle spasms, excessive sweating and many other reasons. Therefore, there is no cause for any safety concerns, especially if they are delivered by an experienced medical professional like Dr Kellyn Shiau.

Will Calf Reduction Injections Affect My Muscle Function?

No, not at all. Although they are injected into the gastrocnemius, there is no impact on the mobility or functionality aspects. No restrictions. Just more slender-looking calves! However, it is important to note that an overdose may result in muscle weakness or overt muscle atrophy(wasting), so the right dose has to be injected to attain the desired outcome. Therein lies the need to consult a skilled professional with years of experience in handling such a procedure.

Can I See Immediate Results from This Treatment and Are They Permanent?

No. Changes do not occur overnight and the result is not permanent. Gradual changes will become visible over time as your muscles need time to absorb Btx and for it to take effect. The temporary nature of this procedure is not a drawback, as one would assume, as the original appearance can be attained if you wish to – you simply stop the treatment! However, if you wish to maintain your slimmer calves, you will need to undergo calf reduction maintenance sessions after the effect has worn out. Results typically last between three to six months, but this may vary from person to person.

Are There Any Side Effects with This Treatment?

Although most non-invasive procedures like calf reduction injections are relatively free from any serious side effects or risks, you may experience some slight redness and tenderness following the treatment. You may also notice mild bruising from the injections, but they will resolve within a short time. In addition, you can expect to resume your daily activities soon after the treatment is over – the perfect option if you are extremely busy.

Are There Any Alternatives to This Procedure?

Yes. Cosmetic surgeries like liposuction and selective neurectomy are an alternative option but they may be associated with certain risks and complications, making calf reduction injections the more ideal option as it is non-invasive and effective. But what are the dangers of surgically reducing your calf size? There are numerous potential consequences of undergoing surgery, and they range from pain, scarring, infection, and mobility issues (difficulty with walking) to asymmetry issues and longer recovery periods.

Who Should I Consult to Perform This Procedure?

Whether you wish to tone your calves or carry out another procedure for a different aesthetic concern, we recommend you consult a skilled practitioner. Certain procedures can have adverse complications and may also be unsuitable for some individuals. Therefore, in order to enhance your outcome and explore your options, you need to visit a clinic that prioritises YOU and your safety. Your consultation will also allow you to ask questions and clarify any concerns before you go ahead with the treatment. 

Interested in consulting an empathetic and professional medical practitioner to determine if this is the perfect treatment for you? Look no further than Dr Kellyn Shiau at Lux Medical Aesthetic Clinic.  With years of experience and a profound passion for beauty and aesthetic medicine, you can rely on her to help you fulfil all your beauty dreams. Get in touch now!


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