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An Overview of the Pros and Cons of Ultherapy

Singapore, a nation with a rich cultural heritage, is a melting pot of a variety of traditions, religions, and ethnicities. This wonderful country is also known for a number of thriving industries, including the beauty industry. With the rise in demand for safe and effective aesthetic treatments, this island has seen the development of many non-invasive treatments to attain healthy and younger-looking skin. Ultherapy in Singapore is sought after by many for its amazing ability to tighten and lift the skin without going under the knife. But is this the right treatment for you? Read on to find out!

What is Ultherapy and How Does It Work?

The largest organ in the body is the skin and is made up of three layers. The epidermis is your topmost layer, and it’s the skin that you can see and touch. Just underneath this is the dermis, which is the middle layer that contains connective tissue, including collagen, elastin and other vital proteins that provide flexibility. The third and deepest layer is the subcutaneous tissue layer (hypodermis). As time passes by, each of these skin layers can get affected by ageing, genetics, and environmental factors, resulting in the development of droopy skin with wrinkles. Ultherapy in Singapore comes with applicators that can focus on the deeper layers of your skin, making it look plumper and fuller.

Considered the benchmark for non-invasive skin lifting, this FDA-approved treatment uses ultrasound technology to promote collagen synthesis. It improves the skin’s strength and firmness by targeting the SMAS layer (superficial musculoaponeurotic system). By engaging this layer, Ultherapy in Singapore is able to produce a skin-tightening effect that lasts longer – this is achieved without creating any disruption to the surface of the skin! The ultrasound energy that is transmitted to your skin kickstarts the body’s natural healing mechanism, allowing it to produce new collagen. This process rejuvenates the skin and helps restore its health and structure, leaving you with a younger, appealing and tighter skin.

What Are the Benefits of Undergoing Ultherapy in Singapore?


Associated with minimal risks, this treatment procedure is usually well tolerated by many individuals of varying skin types. As no incisions or anaesthesia are needed, you won’t have to worry about scars or adverse complications!

Quick Procedure

This might just be the perfect treatment for those on tight schedules, as it typically takes around 30 to 45 minutes to complete. But if you are considering a full face and neck treatment, you may need around 45 to 60 minutes.


This versatile treatment can be tailored to fit your individual needs and preferences, allowing you to target the desired area.


In comparison to other non-invasive skin treatments, Ultherapy in Singapore produces more long-lasting results. In addition, as the full treatment outcome may take around three months to become apparent, you can expect your appearance to be more natural-looking and appealing. However, some may notice a subtle lift right after their session.

Minimal Discomfort

While some may experience slight discomfort, this treatment is generally well tolerated and any discomfort felt will resolve within a short time.

No Downtime

While you don’t really need any downtime for recuperation, you may have some mild bruising and swelling, which is rare and usually dissipates within a few days. Although you can resume your normal activities, your practitioner might advise you to avoid carrying out any strenuous activities in order to reduce your risk of getting side effects, including redness, bruising, and swelling.

What Are the Drawbacks of Ultherapy?

Variable Results

This will depend on the experience and skill of the practitioner, emphasising the need for a medical expert like Dr. Kellyn Shiau to perform the procedure. With her reliable hands and gentle bedside manner, we can ensure that the desired outcome will be achieved effectively and safely. However, the outcome may vary depending on your skin’s response to the treatment.

Furthermore, it is important to note that Ultherapy is more suited for those who need subtle and gradual changes over time! This will be important in achieving an enhanced yet natural appearance.  

Multiple Sessions

Although this treatment has relatively longer-lasting results, some may need multiple treatments to maintain their look. But with results coming into effect gradually, you may feel like you are waking each day to a younger and more vibrant version of yourself!

Redefine Your True Beauty with the Beauty Experts in Singapore!

Helmed by an experienced and passionate medical professional, Dr. Kellyn Shiau, who believes in providing treatments comprehensive and evidence-based, you can rest assured of a safe and comfortable experience. With an innate ability to truly connect with her patients and understand their goals and expectations, Dr. Shiau and her dedicated team will make every effort to guide you on the path to timeless beauty. Get in touch today and embark on your transformative journey with Singapore’s trusted professionals!


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