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Everything You Need to Know About Jaw Btx

When you gaze in the mirror do you feel that a defined jawline would enhance your looks? If you have always wished for a face with a V-shape, you have come to the perfect place. This article will shed light on everything you need to know about the jaw btx procedure in Singapore so that you can get your face contoured to look and feel more youthful.

Btx Jaw Reduction

This is one of Singapore’s most requested cosmetic treatments, but how does it actually work? Btx jaw reduction is a cosmetic procedure that uses a neurotoxic protein called botulinum toxin. This natural and purified protein works by relaxing the muscles in the face. It is a simple and safe method that most individuals opt for to reduce wrinkles or fine lines. It is the ideal procedure to get that soft contoured look without resorting to any complicated procedures like surgery.

When btx is injected into a muscle, it blocks the nerve signals that travel from the nerves to the muscle. This weakens the muscles and stops them from contracting. There are two muscles that lie on each side of your jaw; these are referred to as masseter muscles. These muscles help with mastication (chewing) and also play a significant role in how a person’s jawline looks. Btx injections can reduce the size of this muscle so that you can achieve a more slim and feminine appearance.

Btx Jaw Reduction: The Benefits

Are you interested in this procedure but unsure if it’s the right cosmetic treatment for you? Let’s take a look at what other benefits a jaw btx treatment in Singapore can offer you:

  • Aesthetic enhancement: This is the main benefit of this cosmetic procedure. You won’t have to worry about having a bulky jaw anymore. Btx jaw reduction can help enhance your facial proportions and give you a more symmetrical face. This will help you get the oval-shaped or V-shaped face that you desire.
  • Non-invasive treatment: This isn’t a surgical procedure, which means there is no need for any incisions or anaesthesia to be involved. No surgery means there are no severe risks or downtime required. After the procedure, you can go about your daily routine!
  • Pain relief: TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders can cause considerable pain and discomfort. Some may experience headaches, tenderness, and even earaches. This disorder is usually caused by normal wear and tear, injury, or arthritis. With btx jaw reduction, you no longer have to be in pain. Most patients who undergo the treatment notice a significant pain reduction, as well as anincreased movement of their jaw.
  • Reduced teeth grinding: Bruxism refers to the unconscious grinding of teeth. This is generally considered harmless, but if it occurs frequently, you may face some unpleasant consequences, such as broken teeth or headaches. Teeth grinding may occur due to stress or anxiety and doesn’t really require any treatment as most outgrow this habit. However, if it doesn’t subside, btx injections can weaken the muscles just enough to prevent it from causing any harm.
  • Longevity: While this is not permanent, btx jaw reduction generally has long-lasting results. It usually lasts around six months or so. However, this may vary from person to person. The treatment can be repeated to maintain the appearance.
    The jaw btx treatment in Singapore isn’t just a face-slimming procedure; it is so much more. Therefore, if you plan on getting this treatment done, it is wise to consult a medical professional to carry it out safely.

What Are the Risks of Undergoing a Btx Jaw Reduction?

Any procedure has risks. Mild redness and swelling may be noticed immediately after the treatment. However, these side effects usually dissipate within a short time. Some patients have also noticed a slight discomfort when chewing, but this is also transient.

Btx Jaw Reduction in Singapore: What Can Be Expected During the Procedure?

First, a numbing cream is applied so that no pain or discomfort will be felt during the treatment. The doctor will then administer the btx injection into specific areas of the jaw using a small needle. The whole process typically takes 15-30 minutes so you can return to work or go about your normal routine!
Although it is a quick procedure, it may take a few weeks before you see any real changes. This is because facial muscles require a few days to relax following the treatment. The most wonderful aspect is that there isn’t any downtime required because you don’t actually need to recuperate from anything!

Who is a Good Candidate for This Treatment?

Generally, anyone between 30 and 50 with good health and fitness can opt for this treatment. However, some key factors that make the ideal candidate for this treatment are:

  • Individuals with bulky jawlines
  • People who need relief from teeth grinding
  • Individuals who need to enhance their facial angles and symmetry

Get Treated Under an Experienced Aesthetician in Singapore

It is natural to be wary of any treatment that may affect your body, especially your face. Mistakes can happen anytime, and you may have to live with the consequences forever. So, who can you rely on to get that beautiful, slim jawline? Reach out to Lux Medical Aesthetic Clinic for a reliable and comfortable experience. Our practice offers several services from cheek filler treatments to facelifts and more! We only use quality products and updated technology for all our treatments. If you would like to book an appointment to discuss your btx jaw reduction, don’t hesitate to call us today!

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