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How Can Btx Reduce A Square Jaw

We don’t often associate Btx with face-reshaping. But, these anti-wrinkle injections can help to relax the muscles to, non-surgically, slim the jaw. If you love a V-shaped face, you don’t have to go under the knife for it. Consider btx jaw reduction, instead.

Let us explain Btx for the jaw line.


It all started in Korea, when doctors discovered the use of injections to shrink the jaw muscles. Btx is injected to weaken the masseter muscle. It works to reduce the activity of the jaw muscle, so it becomes smaller in time – just like every other muscle in the body.


This treatment is also known as a Masseter muscle injection. Just for context, the Masseters are the major muscle group that control our chewing, grinding, and clenching. We’ve all sat at our desk at 4.59pm on a Friday, stuck with a deadline – those masseter muscles clenching. This can lead to a square, wider-looking face. For those people who have strong or prominent muscles, the jaw can look large.


The more stressed we are, the further this becomes an issue.


But with the help of Btx, we can essentially relax the muscle (and stop exercising them, without knowing) until it thins out and appears smaller, softer, and more-rounded. See, young faces are usually widest near the eyeline, while most narrow at the jaw.


By slimming down the jawline, people can instantly look younger.


Bulky or square jaw?

Jaw Btx will give you that gorgeous V.

Yes, even square jaws with a rigid bone structure can be shaped.


Box jaw reduction is a great option if you’d like to slim down your face. Pair it with chin fillers to create length and a slimmer shape.


You don’t need to undergo painful, expensive surgery. This procedure is also used for patients who grind or clench their teeth while sleeping.


One or two injections on both sides of the jaw achieves this, safely. As it takes time for the muscles to shrink, patient’s need to wait one month to see results. To maximise the V-shape, another two sessions are required in the following months.


There’s zero downtime with this procedure – a claim that certainly can’t be made for jaw reduction surgery. This is the type of treatment you can get done on your lunch break. Just like Btx injections for wrinkle lines, you can expect to be up and about, with no side effects.



While Btx isn’t a permanent solution, this procedure is as easy as it gets. However, it’s extremely important to see an experienced doctor who can perform this procedure.

If you’re unhappy with the shape of your jaw, book a consultation at Lux Aesthetic Clinic Singapore or call us on +65 68159922. We’ll go through the treatment and advise you on your suitability for this jaw reduction treatment.

“I got Btx”

just took on a whole new meaning… A slim, defined jaw and sharp chin.

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