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Body Slimming and Body Contouring with the Venus Legacy in Singapore

Venus Legacy body slimming, skin tightening, body contouring and cellulite reduction can help to shape and firm up your body again.

After years of trying everything in the market, have you lost hope that you will gain back the confidence you once had in a 2 piece swimsuit? Fret not for the revolutionary new medical aesthetics technology, Venus Legacy, has brought forward a non-invasive treatment to bring about body slimming, body contouring and skin tightening.


What is Venus Legacy?

Venus Legacy is one of the latest non-invasive medical-grade machine that targets sagging skin, deep wrinkles, stubborn fat pockets, stretch marks and cellulite. It uses 4D technology to sculpt, slim, contour, tighten and firm the skin, and can be used for the face, neck or body. It is the alternative or compliment to cosmetic surgery, facelifts, liposuctions, skin tucks and laser treatments. The body slimming and body contouring treatment provided by Venus Legacy is non-invasive, pain-free and has no downtime, allowing you to obtain your dream body within a relaxing and comforting period of time.



What is the science behind Venus Legacy body slimming?

As we age, our bodies produce less collagen and store more fats, which will produce wrinkles, sagging skin and cellulite.

Venus Legacy uses Multi-Polar Radio Frequency, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields and VariPulse Tachnology to penetrate into the skin, creating a uniform and dense heated layer. This calls for the body to produce collagen and elastin fibers in response to the natural healing process due to the thermal reaction in skin tissues, while increasing blood circulation around the area, bringing about tighter and smoother skin without pain.

In addition, there are 2 applicators, 4D Body and 4D Face, which are equipped with the VariPulse technology, that is an adjustable pulsed suction feature which pulls the skin upward, penetrating the radiofrequency energy deeper into the skin. As such, these applicators have a greater effect on deeper tissues, especially those areas with a bigger bulge that requires more energy to breakdown fats and boost collagen. Stubborn fat pockets are reduced, bringing about body slimming and contouring.


What and where can Venus Legacy treat?

With 4 different applicators, each targeting different areas and have different functions, Venus Legacy, can treat almost every area of your body that you have concerns about wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks, stubborn fat and sagging skin.

This includes, and not limited to:

  • Lax skin near cheekbones
  • Puffy eyes due to fluid retention
  • Laugh lines and wrinkles around the mouth
  • Double chin or sagging jawline
  • Stubborn upper arm bulge
  • Fat pocket around bra bulge
  • Protruding abdomen and/or stretch marks due to reasons like pregnancy or fat storage
  • Love handles around hips
  • Cellulite laden thighs


How many body slimming Venus Legacy treatments do I need?

Most patients require 6-8 sessions per treated area once a week for optimal visible results. However, as each individual and treated area is different, the exact number of treatments varies. For maintenance, it is recommended for you to do a treatment once a month.

Is Venus Legacy safe?

Venus Legacy is a non-invasive treatment. It uses Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields and are proven to be effective technology in body slimming and body contouring. The applicators in Venus Legacy also contains integrated sensors that detects skin temperature, giving the therapist real-time feedback to ensure a more consistent and even distribution of thermal energy. This thereby increases the safety and comfort for patients who are keen to have body slimming treatments done.

Is there any downtime?

The body slimming treatment is painless and is performed whilst the patient is lying down and relaxed throughout the session. After the treatment, the treated area may be slightly red due to increased blood circulation. This goes away quickly and it is not a problem for you to proceed with your everyday activities immediately.

Who can benefit from the body slimming Venus Legacy treatment?

Almost anyone who is combatting cellulite, excess body fats and saggy skin are a good candidate for body slimming Venus Legacy. It is best suited for women after pregnancy and individuals after intensive weight loss that have resulted in loose skin.

With Venus Legacy, you can let your silhouette be your legacy.

Because you’re beautiful as you are. At Lux Medical Aesthetic Clinic, we’re just here to accentuate your features. Contact us via telephone at +65 68159922. You can also contact us via SMS/WhatsApp at +65 88669922 or email at [email protected].

Find out more about the Venus Legacy. 

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