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The Best Hair Removal Hack You’ll Learn This Year

When it comes to beauty shortcuts, we’re all ears (especially the ladies reading this). We all live busy lives, and while doing ourselves up is always fun, our daily beauty routines need to be short and manageable.

Experimenting with new skincare products is one thing. It’s fun! But, this can’t be said for other parts of our beauty regime. Shaving, for example.

You can say goodbye to this daily beauty job with something called IPL hair removal. You’ve probably conjured up images of painful hair removing processes, like waxing… but not with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).

It permanently reduces hair growth, so you don’t need to keep attending a specialist just to ward off those frequent little strays.

Save time (& money on razors) with this long-term hair removal solution.

Using a broad-spectrum, pulse of light to target melanin in the hair, this treatment is the best option to stay hair-free for longer. It doesn’t just get rid of the hair… but the roots too, through heat.

Seeing that hair goes through different stages of growth, specialists suggest treatment every fortnight for 2-4 months. This is because IPL only targets active follicles.

Hair regrowth will slow down drastically, by as much as 92%. It’ll be finer and less dark, so it’s less problematic. And since the treatment targets melanin, the skin will brighten, too. IPL helps with skin tone and rejuvenation, treating pigmentation, and increasing collagen stimulation.

Think about how much time you’ll save, after your IPL treatments.

You’re probably wondering, how does it actually work? The procedure is completed using a special device, which can treat large areas at once. This makes it more affordable per session.

And does it hurt? Most people don’t find it painful at all. It has been compared to the sensation of flicking a rubber band.

IPL is best suited for light skin tones with dark and (or) thick hair.

It’s the closest to a hair-free treatment that there is.

IPL treatment vs. laser hair removal?

As we mentioned, IPL targets the hair and the root. To do this, requires a different type of light – a pulsed source. Laser, on the other hand, is a monochromatic, coherent source. Both procedures will give you a similar result, but if you experience skin problems (pigmentation or redness), IPL has additional advantages.

Lux Medical Clinic… your skin specialists.

Come into our clinic and talk to one of our hair removal experts. We’ll discuss any recurring skin issues, go through options, and offer treatment advice. This is the benefit of partnering with a medical clinic for your IPL process.

Being skin and body professionals, you’re getting a health and beauty specialist, from head to toe.

So, throw out those wax strips or cheap razors. Those prickly legs will be a thing of the past. With IPL hair removal, you’ll have ‘baby’s bottom’ soft legs, forever.




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