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HIFU Treatment: What is it, How it works, and 5 Benefits

High-intensity focused Ultrasound treatment represents a revolutionary advancement in non-surgical lifting techniques that has garnered attention for its efficiency in achieving lifted and tightened skin, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, and defined facial contours, all in a natural-looking result. Also, it has been a preferred choice for those seeking non-invasive procedures.

Let’s explore the mechanism behind HIFU treatment, its benefits, and the treatment areas of this procedure. Prepare to learn about choosing between two modes of HIFU treatments to achieve youthfulness and rejuvenation.

What is HIFU Treatment?

HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) technology is a treatment that uses ultrasound waves. With precision, it penetrates the deeper layers of the skin surface and contracts them to stimulate collagen production. This creates a lifting effect on the skin, making a firmer and more youthful appearance on the skin.

HIFU treatments are designed to lift sagging skin and rejuvenate skin without surgery and with minimal downtime. Without the drooping or saggy skin, your cheeks and jawbone will be more defined, a key to achieving a V-shaped face.

How HIFU Works

HIFU Ultraformer III

HIFU, or high-intensity focused ultrasound, uses ultrasound to stimulate collagen. It is a very safe procedure with little to no recovery time needed.

The procedure starts with applying a numbing cream on the area to minimize any discomfort during the procedure. A handheld device is then used to deliver high-intensity ultrasound waves to targeted areas of the face and neck. These waves pass through the skin without causing any damage, but as they reach deeper layers, they create a thermal effect that stimulate collagen production.

This special handset is commonly used in cosmetic skin lifting and tightening procedures and has key components:

  • Technology: Reach different layers of skin, particularly the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) layer, without the need for incisions.

  • Energy Source: It releases high intensity focused ultrasound waves that cause a tightening or lifting effect on the treated area.

  • Focusing Mechanism: It uses an electronic lens or phased array to focus energy at the precise depth within the skin.

2 Modes of HIFU Technology

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology is broadly categorised into two modes, each with distinct mechanisms and applications: linear HIFU and microfocused HIFU.

Linear HIFU

Linear HIFU technology involves the use of straight lines of ultrasound energy targeted at tissues, which best suits treatments requiring uniform energy distribution over larger areas. It helps to debulk heavier areas to help contour the face to give it a more lifted appearance.

  • Efficient for broad treatment areas

  • Capable of debulking heavier areas

  • Uniform energy distribution

  • Only can be used in specific areas such as under chin, jowl area

  • Not suitable for slimmer patients with less facial fat

  • Not suitable for use in areas of the face that is less bulky

Microfocused HIFU

Microfocused HIFU technology uses shorter, focused beams of ultrasound energy to target specific areas with precision and accuracy.

  • Precise targeting of small treatment areas

  • Lower risk of damage to surrounding tissue

  • It can be adjusted to treat different sizes and depths of targeted areas 

  • Limited to smaller treatment areas

  • Not comparable to surgical results

Linear HIFU
Microfocused HIFU
Linear ultrasound waves
Microfocused ultrasound waves
Energy Source
High-frequency ultrasound waves
High-frequency ultrasound waves
Focusing Mechanism
Electronic Lens or Phased Array
Electronic Lens or Phased Array
Computerised Control System
Treatment Planning Software
Treatment Planning Software
– Facial Rejuvenation – Brow Lifting – Jowl Reduction – Wrinkle Improvement
– Facial Rejuvenation – Brow Lifting – Jowl Reduction – Wrinkle Improvement

Different HIFU machines have different power and strengths. It is important to use a medical-grade machine, one that has been rigorously tested to ensure efficacy and safety. HIFU is a great non-invasive treatment to start one’s anti-ageing regime, suitable for most skin types.

Considerations and Factors Before HIFU Treatment

Before deciding on undergoing HIFU treatment, it is important to consider its side effects, downtime, and your suitability for the procedure. These factors can give you a better understanding of what to expect and help you make an informed decision about whether HIFU is the best option for you.

Side Effects

The side effects of High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) treatment are generally mild and temporary. Following the procedure, patients might experience:

  • Minor swelling

  • Redness

  • Tingling and Tenderness in the treated area

  • Slight discomfort during and after the procedure

  • Temporary numbness or bruising

Side Effect
Mild (resolves quickly)
Mild (resolves quickly)
Less Common
Mild to moderate

These side effects are temporary and resolve within a few hours to days after the treatment. The occurrence and intensity of side effects vary from person to person, reflecting individual reactions to the HIFU procedure. Most patients find these side effects manageable without requiring significant downtime or intervention.


Most people ask, “Is there any downtime?” There is no downtime. Patients can resume their activities after the HIFU procedure. However, individual experiences vary. The expected recovery timeline may last up to 2 weeks.

  • 0-2 Hours Post-Treatment: Mild swelling or redness may occur

  • 24-48 Hours: Most patients can resume normal activities without noticeable side effects. Slight tenderness might still be present.

  • 1-2 Weeks: Any lingering minor bruising or numbness should completely resolve.

You can follow post-treatment practices to ensure a smooth and efficient healing process. 

HIFU has no downtime. You can return to your usual activities after the treatment.

  • Drink plenty of water and use a gentle moisturiser to hydrate your skin.

Who is most suitable

HIFU treatment benefits individuals seeking non-invasive solutions for skin tightening and rejuvenation. The ideal candidates typically exhibit:

  • Skin that feels and appears looser than desired.

  • Visible wrinkles and fine lines on the face, neck, and chest.

  • A desire to improve the jawline appearance and other facial contours.

  • Individuals in their late 20s and above who want to combat early signs of skin ageing.

  • Those are looking for a preventive measure to slow down the ageing skin process.

Determining suitability involves consulting with a healthcare professional. They will examine the degree of skin laxity, wrinkles, and the areas you wish to treat to determine whether HIFU will likely be effective. 

Your medical history should be disclosed, including any current conditions, past surgeries, and your medications. This will help the practitioner explain what HIFU can and cannot do for you, helping set realistic expectations. They will discuss the potential results, side effects, and the number of sessions needed.

With more than thousands of HIFU treatments done by Lux Medical Aesthetic Clinic over the past 8 years, most patients’ concerns are skin laxity issues, ageing concerns, double chin, etc. Others are looking for a fuss-free, zero-downtime skin maintenance treatment. The HIFU treatment can help to increase skin elasticity, lift and firm the skin and treat ageing concerns to give a more refreshed and rejuvenated appearance.

HIFU Treatment Procedure

High-intensity focused Ultrasound (HIFU) treats specific areas of the body, including skin tightening and fat reduction. Its procedure targets the deep layers of the skin, stimulating collagen production that results in tighter and firmer-looking skin.


Aesthetic Consultation

Before undergoing HIFU treatment, patients should follow preparatory steps to be informed and ready for the procedure. These steps include:

  • Consult a healthcare provider to discuss HIFU treatment suitability, potential risks, and expected outcomes.

  • medical history review or any medications you’re currently taking, previous surgeries, and skin conditions should be disclosed to avoid any adverse reactions during the procedure.

  • Set realistic goals with your practitioner to ensure that HIFU is the right approach for achieving them.

  • Pre-treatment Guidelines are provided to avoid certain medications that can increase the risk of bruising.

Aside from the above steps, there are some things that you should bring and tasks to complete before the treatment. Here is a checklist that can help you prepare:

  • Ensure you have a valid form of identification for your appointment.

  • Bring any relevant medical records or notes.

  • Avoid applying lotions, creams, or makeup on the area to be treated on the day of your appointment.

  • Wear clothing that has easy access to the area being treated.

These preparatory instructions and guidelines ensure that the patient and practitioner are well-prepared and aligned for the treatment outcome, while proper preparation facilitates a smoother treatment experience.


The HIFU treatment session involves several steps to ensure the procedure’s safety, comfort, and effectiveness.

Before the procedure:

  • Patients undergo a final check-up with the practitioner to confirm treatment areas and answer any last-minute questions.

  • An anaesthetic cream is applied to the area for comfort during the treatment.

  • Afterwards, an ultrasound gel is applied on the skin. This helps with the delivery of the ultrasound energy into the targeted area of the skin.

During the procedure:

  • The device passes over the skin, targeting specific depths under the skin’s surface for collagen stimulation and tightening the tissue. Depending on the treatment areas, this procedure will last approximately 20-40 minutes.

HIFU Process

After the procedure:

  • The practitioner will discuss what to expect in the coming days and provide post-treatment care guidelines to maximise the procedure’s benefits.

The entire session can last between 1 to 2 hours, making it as comfortable and efficient as possible. With no incisions or injections, it offers a painless alternative to traditional surgical methods, with most patients experiencing slight discomfort during the session.


Completing a HIFU treatment is the recovery process. HIFU has little to no downtime; however, mild side effects may be experienced. Specific care guidelines are tailored to enhance healing, minimize discomfort, and optimize the results. Here is a list of recommended post-treatment care practices:

  • Hydration: Keep your skin and body well-hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Hydrated skin is crucial for optimal healing and results.

  • Follow a Gentle Skincare Routine: Use gentle products to avoid clogging pores and causing irritation.
Time Frame
24 hours
Avoid make-up; use hydrating and soothing products.
Immediately after treatment
Physical activities
Resume light activities but avoid high-intensity workouts and excessive sweating.
Immediately after treatment
Sun exposure
Limit exposure; wear protective clothing and use sunscreen outdoors.
Immediately after treatment
Normal routine
Most normal activities, including moderate exercise, can be resumed.
4 weeks
Final results
Initial tightening is visible; full benefits develop over 2-3 months as collagen remodels.

Post-treatment care guidance ensures a smooth recovery and to achieve the best possible outcome from your HIFU treatment. Stay hydrated, protect your skin, and adhere to a gentle skincare routine. Always consult your practitioner if you have any concerns during your recovery process.

5 Benefits of HIFU Treatment

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) treatment is known for its efficacy and appeal to potential patients. 94% of people in a study described an improvement in skin lifting at the 3rd-month follow-up visit. This technology delivers several benefits, making it an increasingly popular choice for those seeking non-invasive cosmetic treatments.

Lifts and Tightens Skin

HIFU delivers focused ultrasound energy that heats deeper skin tissue to stimulate collagen remodelling.

  • Collagen provides skin with its strength, elasticity, and firmness. Over time, the natural ageing process decreases collagen levels, resulting in wrinkles and sagging skin.

The heating process stimulates the body’s natural healing response, including the production of new collagen. It lifts and tightens the skin, reducing the signs of ageing by making the skin look firmer and younger. 

Reduces Wrinkles and Fine Lines

eye wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles are a natural part of ageing, caused by collagen breakdown in the skin’s deeper layers. HIFU treatment stimulates collagen production, which results in smoother, firmer skin and reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

Common areas treated with HIFU include the delicate regions that are most susceptible to the signs of ageing, such as:

  • Crow’s feet (around the eyes)

  • Forehead lines

  • Neck

Defines Facial Contours

HIFU treatment can address sagging skin in the jawline and brows by tightening the skin. As the skin tightens and lifts, it also defines facial contours. Patients will notice a more defined jawline and a subtle lift in the brow area, contributing to a younger and more refreshed appearance. 

Minimally Invasive

HIFU treatment showcases its non-surgical nature in contrast with traditional surgical facelifts. Unlike a surgical facelift, HIFU treatment is non-invasive and does not require any incisions. It means that patients can achieve significant improvements in skin tightness and elasticity without the need for incisions or a prolonged recovery period.

The recovery time following a HIFU procedure is typically minimal; most patients are able to resume their daily activities almost immediately. This convenience factor significantly enhances the appeal of HIFU for those seeking noticeable cosmetic enhancements without the downtime associated with surgical face lifting.

Natural-Looking Results

HIFU treatment enhances, rather than extremely changes, your natural features. It promotes collagen production and tightening the skin from within. 

Unlike a surgical facelift that alters one’s appearance overnight, HIFU gradually improves the appearance over two to three months, allowing for a more refreshed appearance. This HIFU facelift doesn’t show a ‘cosmetic procedure’ but looks like a natural skin rejuvenation.

Treatment Areas for HIFU

HIFU treatment areas

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) enhances skin elasticity and promotes a youthful appearance through collagen production. It results in noticeable lifting and tightening effects across HIFU treatment areas such as the lower face, mid-face, upper face, neck, and décolletage, each benefiting from the procedure’s rejuvenating capabilities.


Lower Face and Jawline

HIFU treatment on the lower face and jawline

HIFU can be used to rejuvenate the lower face and jawline, addressing common concerns such as loose skin, jowls, and a lack of definition. Sagging cheeks, which contribute to a tired or aged look, see a remarkable improvement as HIFU facelift and enhance their contour, offering a more youthful and vibrant appearance.

Furthermore, HIFU is effective in reshaping and defining the chin area, making it an invaluable tool for those looking to eliminate the appearance of a “double chin” and achieve a more structured facial profile without invasive procedures.


Key Benefits of HIFU for the Lower Face and Jawline:

  • Reduces the appearance of jowls, contributing to a cleaner and more defined jawline.

  • Enhances the jawline’s definition, leading to a more sculpted appearance.

  • Lifts sagging cheeks to enhance the overall contour of your face.

  • Reduce the fat under the chin, helping to eliminate “double chin.”


HIFU efficiently treats the mid-face area, reducing the appearance of nasolabial folds or smile or laugh lines. These are the prominent lines from your nose to the corners of your mouth and deepen due to the loss of collagen and elasticity of the skin as we age.

HIFU also improves the appearance of marionette lines, the lines from the corners of the mouth towards the chin, giving the face a sad or downturned expression. 


Key Benefits of HIFU for the Mid-Face:

  • Significantly reduces nasolabial folds, making the skin around the nose and mouth look rejuvenated.

  • Improves the appearance of marionette lines, leading to a more positive and youthful facial expression.

  • Tightens and lifts the skin in the mid-face area, enhancing facial contours.

  • Stimulates collagen production for long-lasting skin rejuvenation.

HIFU treatment on mid-face area
HIFU treatment on the upper face area

Upper Face

HIFU can effectively lift a sagging brow line or wrinkles around the eyes or crow’s feet, which are common indicators of ageing. By targeting the delicate skin around the eyes, HIFU softens these fine lines, contributing significantly to a rejuvenated visage.

HIFU can also smooth out horizontal forehead wrinkles. These lines are developed from repetitive facial expressions and the natural ageing process. The treatment allows the skin to become firmer and more elastic, leading to a smoother forehead and a more youthful overall look. 

Benefits of HIFU for the Upper Face:

  • Results in a more youthful and alert facial expression.

  • The softened appearance of fine lines around the eyes.

  • Diminished horizontal lines on the forehead for smoother, younger-looking skin.

Other Areas

While HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is widely recognized for its effectiveness in facial rejuvenation, its benefits extend to areas beyond the face. This versatile treatment can improve the following:

  • Neck (Turkey Neck)

  • Décolletage

  • For those struggling with ‘turkey neck’ or loose, sagging skin on the neck, HIFU tightens loose skin and improves the shape of the neck area. The décolletage, or area between the neck and chest, can also show signs of sun damage, wrinkles, and sagging skin. HIFU can improve the texture in this area, giving it a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.


High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a non-surgical alternative for skin lifting and tightening, eliminating the need for incisions and offering a minimal recovery time. The procedure enhances skin appearance by promoting natural collagen production without the drastic changes associated with surgical facelifts.

HIFU is effective for various areas, including the lower and upper face, mid-face, jawline, neck, and décolletage, addressing issues like sagging skin, wrinkles, and lack of definition. It offers individuals a safe, effective, and convenient option for achieving a youthful appearance. 

We encourage anyone interested in exploring the benefits of HIFU for themselves to consult with a qualified healthcare professional or schedule a HIFU treatment session.

Rediscover your natural beauty and feel your best with HIFU.

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