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HIFU Ultraformer III Skin Lifting

HIFU Ultraformer III Skin Lifting

With all the rave in HIFU (High Intensive Focused Ultrasound), there are too many choices in the market for you to choose from. So, which HIFU is the best for you?

Before we start, let’s give you a short recap on what HIFU is.

HIFU, which stands for High Intensive Focused Ultrasound, is a truly non-invasive alternative treatment to a surgical face lift. Ultrasonic waves are being sent into the SMAS layer, also known as the superficial muscular aponeurotic system, creating a micro thermal at the deep adipose tissue and muscles. This kickstarts a skin coagulation process, whereby the new collagen is stimulated within the skin, creating a lifting effect, minimising fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, fat cells are distrupted and remodelled, minimising unwanted double chin and buccal fat.

In short, HIFU is a lifting and contouring system, achieving a more youthful look and reduces signs of aging.

Introducing the one of the newest technology, Ultraformer III HIFU.

What is Ultraformer III HIFU?

It is a latest revolutionary skin tightening, lifting and rejuvenating device that uses HIFU mechanism. The latest and 3rd generation Ultraformer III HIFU uses MMFU (Micro and Macro Focused Ultrasound Technology) to provide a non-surgical facelift, skin lifting and tightening, wrinkle reduction treatment. It stimulates your body’s natural regenerative process through MMFU, rejuvenating the three critical levels of your skin’s structure upon delivering energy levels into precise depths. This stimulates collagen growth from the deep muscle within, and remodels the adipose tissue of the skin.

Why Ultraformer III HIFU?

MMFU is the newest paradigm of advanced technology, which allows the medical practitioner to select the appropriate settings for different areas of the skin, giving you the best results. They come in the form of multi-functional cartridges, giving the medical practitioner a choice to change frequencies and depths for selection of HIFU treatment. Different settings give different results, allowing you to have a treatment tailored to your needs, as well as an all-rounded skin rejuvenation.


Let’s go deeper into the features of Ultraformer III HIFU.

1) It is less painful than other kinds of HIFU machines. During the treatment, you will feel warm pulses of ultrasound energy delivered deep into the skin, contract the collagen and muscle layer. However, due to high peak power by strong dual engine. The shot quality comes out to be more stable and quick to deliver, giving you more comfort.

2) Absolutely no downtime. As the skin barrier isn’t broken, you are able to apply make-up immediately after the procedure. You are, too, able to perform daily routine right after the treatment. The skin may appear flushed due to the thermal energy generated from the HIFU ultrasonic energy, however, it should subside in a few minutes.

3) Ultraformer III HIFU is one of fastest shooting speed machine, which allows a full face HIFU treatment to be done within 30-45 minutes, giving you the results close to a surgical face lift that takes a few hours.

4) Visible and noticeable results. Though the best results will be available in 3 months time, a more lifted look can be expected in a month’s time.

5) Varied number of cartridges. As mentioned, with the different cartridges has different depths and frequencies.

The deeper cartridge of 4.5mm targets the SMAS layer, allowing collagen stimulation from there. It is also able to effectively melt subcutaneous fat, giving your jawline a more contoured looking face.

The medium cartridge of 3.0mm allows collagen remodelling for deep-set wrinkles, reducing appearance of them.

The shallow cartridge of 1.5mm is targeted for fine lines on the face, giving you an improvement in texture of the skin due to the increase in collagen fibres at that area.


The MF2 HIFU Transducer is a new cartridge that is specially for wrinkle reduction, lifting and tightening around the eyes. With a more compact design, it can be used in the small areas around the eyes, giving your eyes the lift it needs to look more refreshed.


However, it is important to note that the number of HIFU shots you are receiving is the key in giving you the best results. Your medical practitioner should give you the maximum number of shots your skin can handle, allowing you to achieve results that can last a year in just one session.


Which areas can be treated with HIFU?


Almost all problematic areas can be treated with Ultraformer III HIFU, giving you a lifted, sculpted and youthful look with lesser wrinkles.

The HIFU is suggested for use in these areas:

– Fine and Deep Wrinkles
– Lowered brow line
– Double Chin
– Flabby Neck Skin
– Excess Buccal Fat
– Appearance of Jowling
– Light and Deep Nasolabial Folds
– Sagging Eyebags


Now you know you can achieve a sculpted surgical face-lift look without going under the knife, and with more comfort and no downtime. So, what are you waiting for? (:

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