Why Hydrafacial Is Important For Your Skin

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Hydrafacial can help to deep cleanse, remove dirt, dead skin cells and make up that piles up on our skin surface with time.

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Do you find that it’s hard to completely remove your make up everyday?

Or do you find that your skin looks dull and unattractive?





The Hydrafacial 4 step cleansing can help to deep exfoliate, cleanse, hydrate and repair your skin. All this with no needles, cuts, down time nor pain. Experience visibly brighter, glowy, clean skin after each treatment.



Say goodbye to painful extractions with the new Hydrafacial.


Step 1: Cleansing and Exfoliation


The hydrafacial helps to deep cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Remove unwanted dead skin cells, residual make up with the hydrafacial treatment. Uncover fresher, cleaner and clearer skin.


Step 2: Gentle Acid Peel


Gentle acid peels will help to loosen dirt off the skin and aid in refreshing your complexion without causing any damage to the skin. This is safe for all skin types including sensitive skin. The hydrafacial treatment can help to loosen dirt from the pores to further deep cleanse the skin.


Step 3: Painless Extractions


The Hydrafacial’s special patented vortex suction technology helps to suction dirt out from pores. This effectively removes debris without having to undergo painful traditional facial extractions. Say goodbye to red, blotchy skin for days after traditional facials. The hydrafacial treatment cleanses and extracts without any downtime.


Step 4: Hydration


Anti-oxidants and Hyaluronic acid serums are infused for skin nourishment and deep hydration. This helps to keep skin firm and hydrated. Fine lines can also be reduced with regular treatment.





The Hydrafacial result: Clean, Healthy and Glowing Skin.


The Hydrafacial system is best for:

  • Pre-event skin brightening and cleansing
  • Cleaning out congestion from daily makeup, products and dead skin cells
  • Skin health improvement


Regular Hydrafacial treatments can help to improve skin quality, health and to give you cleaner and clearer skin.

Fine lines reduction occurs when the skin is more hydrated in step 4 of the Hydrafacial regime. Smoother, clearer skin reflects light better and gives an instant red-carpet glow.


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