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V Shape Face and Face Slimming at Lux Medical Aesthetic Clinic

The Korean V Shape Face is a highly-idolized slim face shape that many aspire to have. Some are willing to go under the knife, in order to achieve the desired v shape face. However, did you know that there are many methods that are non-invasive and yet allow you obtain your dream V shape face?

Today, let’s talk about face-slimming methods, allowing you to be a step closer towards the V Shape face that you aspire to have!

Jaw Slimming Injections + Chin Fillers.

This is a zero-downtime, non-invasive method for you to obtain a slimmer, v shape face. The jaw slimming reduction injection is suitable for those with big and developed masseter (jaw / chewing) muscles.

The over-development of the masseter muscles could be due to reasons such as teeth grinding / clenching, which causes the muscles to over-work and hence grow bigger in size.

The Jaw Slimming Injections are able to freeze these muscles, preventing them from over-working. Over the course of 2 weeks, the less usage of these muscles will cause it to shrink, and give the appearance of a smaller face. The optimum result of such injections will be visible in about a month’s time.

Chin Fillers, on the other hand, can give you immediate results. Chin Fillers containing Hyaluronic Acid are able to provide the volume at the chin. This gives the appearance of a sharper face, due to the inclusion of the chin brought forward or lengthened.

Together, Jaw Slimming Injections and Chin Fillers can give a visual illusion of a slimmer face.

Face Threadlift

This method uses Polydioxane (PDO) thread, usually Korean PDO cog threads, to lift buccal fats or sagging jowls at the side of the face. This method is for people with “chubby cheeks” due to buccal fats or sagging jowls that limits the appearance of a v shape face.

PDO face threadlift threads are very safe and has been used in the medical field as sutures for a very long time. Upon insertion of the thread, buccal fats and sagging jowls are lifted upwards upon support, achieving a sharper-looking lower face. The PDO threads are lined with cogs that give additional support and hold to lift and firm the skin. This lifted look is able to provide a more youthful appearance as well, due to the reduction in nasolabial folds and jowling. With the face threadlift, the jawline is more contoured. The face appears slimmer and more v shape. The face threadlift threads usually dissolve within a year. However collagen fibres stimulated due to the insertion of such threads, extends the results over a year.

This method gives you the most immediate results with little downtime. The face threadlift is best done a few weeks before an important occasion for individuals who are seeking to look their best at such events.

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) with Ultraformer III

This method is the least invasive among the three, as it does not cause a break in the skin barrier. Make up can be applied immediately after the procedure.

Ultrasound energy is sent into the SMAS (Superficial muscular aponeurotic system) layer of the skin. This causes a micro thermal effect on the skin at the layer. HIFU stimulates the skin to produce collagen, due to the body’s natural response. With collagen, the targeted area of the skin will be lifted. This reduces the appearance of jowling and nasolabial folds. The jawline will also be more sculpted,  giving a V Shape looking face. In addition, such energy can cause fat-remodelling, melting away buccal fat cells, hence achieving a slimmer-looking face.

HIFU can treat the double chin, usually due to additional fat at the area. As such, HIFU is very suitable for individuals with a higher amount of fat cells on the face, giving a more sculpted and contoured V-Shape appearance.

hifu ultraformer

Due to the time required for collagen stimulation of the skin, the result from HIFU appears in 1-month time, and the optimum result will be visible in 3 months.

So, which is the best V-Shape Face Slimming method?

This will be dependent on individuals’ facial features and requirements.

Opt for 1 or even all 3 methods to obtain the best V shape face slimming results.

  1.  Those with a wide jaw can look into Jaw Slimming + Chin Fillers.
  2.  Opt for the Face Threadlift for immediate results, buccal fat and/or sagging jowls improvement.
  3.  The HIFU Ultraformer III is good for those who are looking to melt stubborn buccal and double chin fats, as well as, lift & firm the skin.

Looking for even better results?

Combine the HIFU Ultraformer III and Face Threadlift for even better results! For those who have strong jaw muscles, jaw reduction with jaw slimming injections as well as the addition of a chin filler and further enhance your final result.

All in all, with the advancement of medical technology, there is a minimally invasive treatment for everybody who wishes to have a V-Shape slimming looking face, without going for surgery. Do remember to seek a certified medical practitioner for advise before performing such procedures, so that you can have the treatment best tailored to your needs.

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