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Nose Threadlift VS Nose Filler. Which suits you better?

What is the difference? The Nose Filler and Nose Threadlift serve the same function but yet are different. 

The Similarity between Nose Fillers and Nose Threadlifts

Nose Fillers and Nose Threadlifts both enhance the look and height of the nose bridge. They help to sculpt, straighten and shape the nose bridge. The face will naturally look slimmer once the nose bridge is enhanced with Nose Fillers or nose threadlifts.

Having a nice nose is not only about the height or elevation of the nose bridge. The angle of the nose tip is also important. By adding Nose Fillers or nose threadlift to the columella, one can lift the nose tip and create a beautiful nose angle. The picture below illustrates the ideal angles of a beautiful nose. How does yours measure up?

What is the difference between Nose Fillers and Nose Threadlifts? What is it made of?

Depending on the type of fillers you choose, Nose Fillers usually contain hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is natural substance that is found in the body and will usually fully dissolve over time.

Nose threads on the other hand, is made up of PDO (polydioxanone). PDO is a commonly used suture material that has been used as medical surgical material for years. It is completely safe and will also dissolve over time.

How long will the Nose filler or Nose threadlift last?

This depends on the type of Nose Filler used. On average, hyaluronic acid fillers typically take about 9-12 months to fully dissolve. The effect from Nose Threadlifts on the other hand will usually last 1-2 years. Although the Nose Threadlift threads will dissolve in 6-9 months, collagen fibers created can sustain results up till 2 years.

What are the different indications for each?

Although both will enhance the look of one’s nose, the Nose Filler and the Nose Threadlift has slightly different properties. Nose Fillers can help to increase volume exactly where it is needed. For example, many of us have slight bumps on the nose bridge. Nose Fillers allow direct adjustments and fillers can go directly into these bumps to smoothen out the bridge. It can also help to fill and raise the nose bridge for those with completely flat bridges.

The Nose Threadlift on the other hand is an excellent choice to enhance, straighten, lift and define the nose bridge. It is also able to make the nose tip slightly smaller compared to what the Nose Filler can do. By placing nose threads in the nose tip, one can achieve a smaller tip together with a nice elevation. The nose bridge that has been enhanced with nose threads is also slimmer compared to one that has been treated with Nose Fillers. This is because, unlike Nose Fillers, with the Nose Threadlift there is no chance of spreading.

In short, this is what the Nose Threadlift can create for you:

  • Elevate nose bridge
  • Smaller nose tip
  • Well-defined and slim nose bridge
  • Improvement in nose contour
  • Enhance nose tip angle

What’s the downside?

Possible side effects shared between the Nose Threadlift and Nose Filler procedures are as follows:

  • Bruising
  • Slight swelling
  • Infection

Not everyone will get these side effects, but if it does happen, they usually subside quickly.

Let’s start with Nose Fillers.

Nose Fillers can spread or migrate after placement. Meaning, injecting too much Nose Fillers or certain types of Nose Fillers, can cause the Nose Filler to spread, creating a broad and unsightly nose bridge. Injecting fillers, especially around the nose area, runs the risk of vascular problems. This means, small amounts of filler material can get into the blood vessels and block it. When these blood vessels are blocked, blood supply to the skin is limited, this creates problems like necrosis or even visual problems. Although these incidences are rare, they are still a possible complication. Hence, it is important to have a trained medical professional to perform the Nose Threadlift or Nose Filler augmentation.

Moving on to Nose Threadlift.

The PDO Nose Threadlift is perfect in that sense. It has zero risk of arterial occlusion and the Nose Threadlift does not cause any spreading. As with all threadlift procedures, there is a small risk of thread extrusion, especially before the Nose Threadlift entry point fully heals. Compared to Nose Fillers, the Nose Threadlift, depending on the number of threads inserted, may sometimes cause a bit more swelling post Nose Threadlift procedure.

How can I achieve the nose that I want?

A consultation with your doctor will help you to determine the type of treatment necessary to achieve your ideal nose. In certain cases, combining both the Nose Threadlift and Nose Filler can give a synergistic effect to create a more beautiful and well defined nose bridge while at the same time reducing the risk of a filler spread. The nose filler and the nose threadlift whether used alone or together will create beautiful natural results.

At Lux Medical Aesthetic Clinic, our special Ultimate Nose Lift program can enhance your nose today!

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