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What You Need To Know About Thread Face Lifts.

Think of ageing and wrinkles are probably the first sign that pops into your mind.

But there’s another sign of ageing that is just as common… drooping cheeks.

Thanks gravity!

But don’t worry, Lux Medical Aesthetic Clinic‘s Singapore Thread Lift services will keep you looking young.

Gone are the days where only a facelift (ouch!) could fix loose skin.

Thread Face Lift

Thread face lifts are a non-invasive facial rejuvenation technique – a ‘facelift’ of sorts, where temporary sutures are used to produce a subtle (but visible) lift in the skin. A thread lift procedure simulates the effect of pulling the skin back, to tighten the face.

The procedure involves inserting dis-solvable threads into your skin to increase collagen production – a surge within treated areas, provoking the body’s ‘healing response’.

We’re sure you already know all about the essential role of collagen in beautifully, supple skin. It heals wounds and keeps the skin strong enough to support the tissues beneath it (to prevent that sag).

Put simply, thread face lifts rejuvenate facial tissue.

There’s no wondering why this treatment is popular, especially in an industry that, so often, ignores natural alternatives.

Minimal recovery time…

Low-risk, gorgeous results.

Compared to a facelift, recovery from a thread lift is relatively fast. And because the procedure is much less in-depth, it’s a more affordable option.

We start by applying a layer of topical numbing cream, followed by tiny injections of local anaesthetic (to make you extra comfortable).

Every procedure is different as no two people have the same skin. A doctor will create a thread face lift design based on the patient’s facial physiology. Most people require two to six threads per side or area. Barbs connect the threads to give it shape and structure as the tension creates the lift.

Long after the threads have dissolved, the collagen it has stimulated continues to support the skin.

We use special, Korean PDO cog threads. They’re safe, dis-solvable and have been used in hospital surgeries for many years.

A procedure can take up to 45 minutes and the results last between one to two years. To maximise the effect, book an enhancement procedure top-up every 9 – 12 months.

Lux Medical Aesthetic Clinic … Your Thread Face Lift Specialist

If you’ve noticed signs of skin laxity, contact our clinic today to make an appointment to learn more about thread lifts on +65 68159922. Lux Medical Aesthetic Clinic Singapore offers a quick, affordable and visually comparable alternative to a facelift that won’t take weeks to recover from.

Say goodbye to facial sagging and sip from the fountain of youth.

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