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Tired of looking at your deep laugh lines or jowls? Interested in taking a few years off your appearance?

Look no further! Our Korean Cog Face Thread Lifts services can greatly improve facial sagging and give you that youthful V-Shape face you are looking for

What are Face Thread Lifts?

Face Thread Lifts are fast becoming a popular way to lift and rejuvenate sagging skin. Unlike traditional methods of surgical face lifting, face thread lifts are minimally invasive and are associated with little or sometimes even zero downtime.

This allows busy individuals to quickly resume their daily activities.

Face thread lifts can greatly improve facial sagging, turn back time on your skin and can also help in creating a youthful V shaped face*.

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How is it done?

A layer of topical numbing cream is first applied to the skin. This is followed by tiny injections of local anaesthesia to further numb the skin to make the procedure more comfortable. As each individual’s face ages differently, our doctor will create a face threadlift design specially suited for you in order to obtain optimal lifting results.

The number of threads needed for the face threadlift depends on the areas that require treatment and the extent of sagging. Most may require between 2 to 6 threads per side for the face threadlift. The cog threads lined with barbs are inserted just under the skin. They give structure and support. The tension created from these cog threads provide the much needed lift to sagging skin.

In addition, these face threadlift threads stimulate the formation of collagen, which gives extended support and lift even after the threads have fully dissolved. The face threadlift procedure takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete.

What's more?

At the Lux Medical Aesthetic Clinic, special Korean PDO cog threads are used for the face threadlift. The material used to make these threads are known as PDO (polydioxanone).

PDO threads are safe and are made up of a special type of suture material that is fully dissolvable and have been widely used for many years in hospitals for surgery. As these face threadlift cog threads have barbs lined up throughout the length of the threads, this acts as hooks and scaffolding once inserted into the skin. It holds and anchors the skin, tightens and lifts it where necessary.

The face threadlift typically lasts between 1-2 years*. Although the threads usually dissolve within a year, the collagen fibers created extends the results beyond the first year.  For noticeable results, it is advisable to return for a top up face threadlift session between 9- 12 months.

Yes, absolutely! it is advisable to combine the face threadlift with other skin lifting procedures such as HIFU. This gives an overall skin tightening and lifting effect. Combination procedures can further enhance results.

The Face Threadlift is a safe and effective day procedure. Patients can go about their daily activities immediately after the procedure. Major side effects are rare. Possible minor side effects include bruising, swelling or minor discomfort. These symptoms typically resolve quickly in a few days.

Besides its use for face lifting, cog threads can also be used to lift the nose. This can create a higher, more defined nose bridge, together with a smaller and slimmer nose tip.

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You can also treat to lift your eyebrows. Eyebrow lifts can help one look less tired and will make your eyes look bigger.

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The Face Threadlift helps to lift sagging skin and turn back time on aging skin.

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The middle to lower face threadlift helps to lift the skin and in return reduces nasolabial folds and jowling. This also creates a smoother V shaped face, a symbol of youth. 

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How much will it cost you?

Face Threadlift Korean Ultra V price starts at $1400*

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