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Keen to treat those lines of expression that give away your age?”
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There are two types of wrinkles:

  • Dynamic
  • Static

Dynamic wrinkles form when we move certain muscle groups, such as when we smile or frown. They are usually not present when our muscles are relaxed and have no expression.

Over the years of continuous formation of dynamic wrinkles through our facial movements, some of the wrinkles become more permanent and are present even when we have no facial expression. These are known as static wrinkles.

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How do we treat dynamic wrinkles?

Simple injections can be done to relax facial muscles and erase dynamic wrinkles. Depending on the area to be treated, a series of tiny injections into the active muscle is usually required.

Side effects, if they occur, include needle marks and bruising that go away quickly over a few days. The effect is expected to last between 3-6 months on average*.

How do we treat static wrinkles?

Static wrinkles are permanent fine lines that develop in the skin, usually within areas of active dynamic wrinkles. The treatment can include wrinkle injections to reduce any ongoing dynamic wrinkles. This will also help in smoothening some of the static lines slightly. The main treatment of static wrinkles is through the injection of a soft and light dermal filler into these creases to fill up the lines. Besides plumping up and smoothening of these lines, the presence of fillers within these creases will also prevent further deepening and formation of static lines. Static wrinkle fillers can last between 4-6 months or even longer*. Mild swelling, bruising and needle marks may occur and generally dissipate quickly over a few days.


Wrinkle injection prices start from $180*

Wrinkle filler prices start from $480*

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