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Dark Eye Rings

reduce dark eye rings with laser

Troubled by dark eye circles?

Dark eye rings can make a person look tired, aged and haggard. Sometimes what appears as dark eye circles could be due to shadows cast by eye bags, tear troughs or puffy eyelids.

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What causes dark eye circles?

Many different factors contribute to the formation of dark eye circles.

Some include:

  • Allergies
  • Eczema
  • Heredity
  • Sun exposure
  • Thinning of skin – The thinning of skin under the eye area is common as you age. This makes the under lying vessels more visible.
  • Pigmentation irregularities

How can we treat dark eye circles?

Medical treatments with creams and medications can help to improve allergies and eczematous skin conditions.

Pigmentation issues causing dark eye circles can be treated using a Q-Switch ND Yag laser. The laser will be able to break up pigmented particles or melanin deposited in the under eye area. A few sessions of laser would be required to lighten the dark eye circles.

Fillers to the under eye area can be used to plump up thinning skin, reducing the visibility of the under lying vessels. Tear trough or under eye fillers can also help to smoothen out the under eye area, hence reducing any shadowing from eye bags or sunken tear troughs. One filler session is usually sufficient to decrease the dark eye circles immediately. Under eye fillers typically last between 4-6 months*.


Treatment of the dark eye circles through laser or fillers will be able to brighten the under eye area. This will refresh the eye area and help you to look more rejuvenated and fresh*.

Are there any side effects?

There is no pain and zero downtime associated with both procedures. A common side effect with the Q-switch ND Yag laser is the dryness of the skin. This is easily combated with regular application of eye cream to increase hydration. Some possible minor side effects with filler injections can include slight swelling or bruising which will go away quickly.


Q-Switch ND Yag Laser for Dark Eye Rings price starts at $250*

Tear Trough Filler price starts at $680*

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