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Non-Surgical Facelifts Vs Surgical Facelifts

Have you ever wondered how some individuals have perfect youthful skin with no signs of ageing? Can everything be put down to great genes? Well, not quite. Saggy skin or wrinkles could impact anyone’s self-esteem and make them feel uncomfortable in their own skin. If this is something you can relate to, do not worry. A facelift treatment in Singapore might be just what you need. But what is the ideal treatment for you? Would you get good results from a surgical facelift, or are you better off with a non-surgical facelift? This post will guide you on all these concerns so that you can make the right choice.

Facelift: What is It and What Are the Benefits

Before we explore the differences between a non-surgical and surgical facelift treatment, let’s look at what a facelift actually is. It is a cosmetic procedure that lifts and tightens skin, resulting in a smoother and younger-looking appearance. The repositioning of tissue and fat in this treatment helps reduce wrinkles or excess skin folds that come with age due to the loss of volume and elasticity. 

Key benefits of undergoing a facelift

  • Enhance the lost facial volume.
  • Smoothen droopy skin, skin folds, jowls, and crease lines.
  • Tighten the skin.
  • Contours the face giving a slimmer look.
  • Rejuvenates appearance and makes it look fresher and more youthful.

Facelifts Treatment in Singapore: What Are Your Main Options? 

Age creeps up on everybody. There is no magic trick or potion that you can consume to prevent this. But the effects of ageing can be disguised by treatments like facelifts. This is why many are turning to this procedure to improve their appearance.

Let’s take a brief look at the main facelift options and their pros and cons:

Surgical Facelifts

As the name implies, the procedure involves going under the knife to rectify the problem areas. This procedure may involve a single surgical treatment or a combination of procedures such as browlifts, neck lifts, mid-facelifts, and cutaneous lifts to get the desired result.


  • Dramatic changes: Surgical facelifts can address a number of concerns like lack of volume and sagging and will dramatically change your appearance.
  • Repairs loose skin: The skin can be surgically pulled and trimmed in order to tighten the relaxed skin.
  • Flexible approach: They can be used in combination with other surgeries so that you do not have to take time off work multiple times a year.


  • Invasive procedure: Surgery can come with several risks as it involves cutting and puncturing the skin. This means complications such as infection, bleeding, and scarring are to be expected.
  • Pain: Many post-surgical patients experience pain and discomfort, which means they may need pain relief to help them recover and heal.
  • Anaesthesia use: This drug is generally used in surgical procedures to numb the body or induce sleep so that the patient does not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure. But this in itself may come with some risks, such as nerve injury, anaphylaxis, and myocardial infarction.
  • Recovery: The healing process is not easy, and patients may need weeks or months to rest and recuperate from the effects of surgery. In some cases, you may even need some extra help, especially in the first few days post-surgery.
  • High cost: Surgical facelifts can financially set you back as they are typically more expensive than non-surgical alternatives.

Non-surgical Facelifts

This typically involves minimally invasive procedures such as thermage skin tightening treatment, HIFU treatment and dermal fillers including jaw, cheek and chin fillers. This type of facelift can not only save you from going under the knife but it can also be customised to fit your specific requirements and needs.


  • Minimal invasiveness: This is one of the main benefits of non-surgical facelifts. No incisions, no anaesthesia, and no adverse complications.
  • Little to no pain: Most patients do not experience any pain or discomfort and do not need any medication post-treatment.
  • Quick procedure: As this type of facelift treatment in Singapore does not involve incisions or anaesthesia, you can expect to complete the session in a very short time.
  • Natural-looking results: This is a concern that many individuals have before they undergo a facelift. As non-surgical cosmetic procedures typically involve injections (e.g., dermal fillers) or technologies like ultrasound (e.g., HIFU treatments), you do not have to worry about experiencing any dramatic or artificial-looking results.
  • No downtime for recovery: Being a non-invasive treatment, patients need no special time for recovery. Once you are done with the session, you are free to carry on with your day.
  • Cost-effective: You do not need to allocate money for hospital stays or additional medication, as you can resume your normal routine on the same day of the treatment.


  • Mild side effects: You may experience some side effects such as bruising, needle marks, redness, and swelling following the treatment.
  • Maintenance sessions: Although the results of a non-surgical facelift last for a considerable amount of time, patients will need follow-up treatments to maintain their desired results. However, if you do not want to continue the treatment, you can do so; you will not face any adverse consequences.

Surgical or Non-surgical Facelifts: Which Facelift is Suitable for You? 

Ideally, you need to seek the advice of a medical professional to help you make this decision, but the ultimate choice will depend on your goals and expectations. So, make sure to be well-informed before you decide on the type of facelift you want.

If you would like to learn more about facelift treatments in Singapore, feel free to contact Lux Medical Aesthetic Clinic and schedule an appointment with Dr Kellyn Shiau. At our clinic, you will receive access to a comprehensive selection of treatments and services. Whether you need fat-freezing treatment to contour specific areas of your body or would like to achieve the most sought-after V-shape through our V-shape face treatment programme, our clinic can help you at every step of your journey.

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