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How to Get Rid Of Stretch Marks… at Any Age

Out of all the mysterious skin conditions, stretch marks would top the list. Get a group of girlfriends around a table and, chances are, there’ll still be confusion as to what causes it.

“It’s when you lose too much weight, fast…”

“It happens after childbirth…”

“Only older women get them…”

So, first, let’s debunk any myths about stretch marks.

Stretch marks have nothing to do with stretching and moving your body. The indented streaks in the skin are superficial scars that develop when the dermis layer of the skin tears.

There’s truth to some of those common assumptions, particularly around pregnancy. In fact, up to 90% of women will experience stretch marks in their last trimester – but, no surprises there, given how much the body changes in nine months.

But, you might not know this. Men get stretch marks, too. This often occurs in people who have undergone rapid weight loss and gain, as well as fluctuating hormone levels.

While scars tend to stay on our bodies for years (as tangible ‘memories’), there is a quicker way to treat stretch marks.

The Fractional Resurfacing Laser technique

In three to six months, you can have smoother, tighter and clearer skin, with Fractional Resurfacing Laser

Using an ablative laser to pinpoint tiny areas of the skin surface to treat the skin, the nearby tissue supports the regeneration, as the collagen remodels and the skin repairs.

As a result, scars, wrinkles and fine lines also improve. It ‘tricks’ your skin into thinking it’s damaged, so the body’s natural healing process begins.

In the quick 15-minute laser sessions, you might notice a subtle tingling sensation and minor scabbing in the days that follow. But after that, the fresh, new skin will reveal itself. Over time, your skin will improve.

Micro needling is another professional option for treating stretch marks.

Natural remedies (that require patience)

There are plenty of topical treatments such as retinoids, the collagen-building tretinoin, and even caster oil. However, nothing is more strategic, fast acting and effective than Fractional Resurfacing Laser.

Do your best to keep the skin as healthy as possible. Coconut and olive oil are great to keep on your bathroom shelf for everyday use. The more hydrated you can keep your skin, the better.

Continue to exfoliate your body to keep stimulating cell turnover, and of course, we can’t ignore good nutrition. Eat a balanced diet, rich in vitamins C and E, zinc, and other essential nutrients.

Self-conscious about your stretch marks? Book a consult at our clinic and speak with one of our skin specialists. Every body is different and there is no one single way to fix stretch marks. You might require more or less sessions, so come in and talk to us.

Remember, stretch marks affect the best of us. Treat them professionally for an isolated period, then adopt the natural strategies for long-term treatment (and prevention).




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