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Eyebrow Lift – Forehead Fillers, Eyebrow Fillers, HIFU, Threadlift

How do we create an eyebrow lift?

Forehead fillers, eyebrow fillers, threadlift and HIFU can all help to alleviate droopy eyebrows. Eyebrow lifts can help one look less tired and will make your eyes look bigger.

“Late night last night?” “Why do you look so tired?”

Are you receiving these kind of comments every-so-often, even when you might have had a good 8 hour sleep last night?

Do you feel that your droopy eyebrows make your eyes look hooded and smaller than they actually are?

You might need an eyebrow lift.

When there is a heaviness of area or excess loose skin between the eyebrow and the eye, the skin around the area will slide downwards, resulting in the upper eyelid to fold over the eyes. This gives a “tired” or “sad” appearance as the eyes are covered from the downward sliding “excess” skin.

What causes droopy eyebrows?

The main cause of droopy eyebrows is aging. As we aged, forehead fat pads are lost and elasticity of the skin is reduced due to the loss of collagen and elastin fibres. This skin, with lesser support, will slide downwards with gravity. As such, the eyebrow, attached to the forehead skin, will descend together.

Help! Please save my droopy eyes!

Fret not, we have you covered. (:

At Lux Medical Aesthetic Clinic, we recommend 5 ways going about a non-invasive eyebrow lift to save droopy eyebrows. Let’s go into each of them individually:

1) Forehead Fillers

As mentioned, the lack of volume of the forehead can result in the skin to be lax, and sag down, causing the brow to droop down. With forehead fillers, containing hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in our body, it can provide the volume needed to lift the skin. Forehead fillers are also beneficial for individuals with a sunken forehead line, giving you a fuller looking forehead that is more volumized. When the forehead volume is restored, the attached forehead skin pulls up droopy eyebrows and the eyebrow lift takes place. The eyebrow lift will also cause the upper eyelid to appear less hooded and hence one’s eyes will tend to look bigger and less sleepy.

2) HIFU Upper Face

HIFU also known as High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, is a non-invasive skin tightening, lifting treatment. HIFU pulses, is sent to the forehead skin, stimulating collagen production, which provides the much needed tightening and firming for the area. As such, skin is tightened and lifted, reversing the process of aging. HIFU is also a treatment for fine lines, allowing the skin to appear tighter and smoother. The HIFU procedure is much sought after by people who are looking for a non-invasive whole facial rejuvenating treatment with zero downtime.

3) Eyebrow Filler

Through the injection of Eyebrow Filler at the lateral brow area, an eyebrow lift is achieved. Eyebrow fillers can provide a lift to the brow. This gives a permanent “Highlighter Effect” at the brow bone, which is an effect used by many make-up artists to give more dimensions to the face. When the eyebrow is lifted, eyelids are instantly lifted and hooding of the eyelid is also reduced. The eyes can appear bigger, more refreshed, and the brow will have more volume supporting it. For those who have sunken sockets, this helps to volumize the brow area.

4) Anti-Wrinkle Injection

The anti-wrinkle injection is able to relax the muscles around the eye area. Upon injection at the precise position of the lateral brow and crows feet area, the orbital muscles are relaxed, hence eyes appear bigger and brow is better lifted. A lifted brow creates a more youthful appearance. In addition, this anti-wrinkle injection can be injected into the forehead muscles, relaxing them and in turn, reduce dynamic forehead lines. This gives the appearance of a more refreshed look. Hence, this is recommended for those who seek to reduce their dynamic forehead wrinkles along with creating a brow lift.

5) Upper Face Threadlift

Upper face threadlift can help to lift the sagging upper face. The placement of PDO cog threads help to create a scaffolding and lift in the upper face. Forehead & eyebrow threads inserted in the upper face create a nice upper face and eyebrow lift. This in turn lifts the upper eyelid slightly to create a more rejuvenated appearance.

Which is the best method?

Once again, it varies individually. Everybody has their own needs and requirements, which requires different type or combination of method(s) to give the best results, tailored to them specifically. Do seek advice from a medical practitioner before deciding on any procedure to ensure the most effective results. Say goodbye to your “old and tired” appearance, and welcome the new refreshed look as well as an improved visual appearance.

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