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Thinking About Removing a Mole? You Need To Know This.

There are two kinds of skin spots…. cute, and not-so-cute. Freckles and moles. Can you guess which one is loveable? Freckles, of course. Moles, however, are big, often raised, and anxiety inducing. You don’t want to think the ‘big C’ every time you look at your moles.

Instead, consider mole removal.

So, what do we know about moles? They can occur in any stage of our lives. Most of us have some moles on our skin and they can be found anywhere on our body. Genetics and sun exposure are the two main causes of these skin spots.

And it’s medical and cosmetic motivations usually prompt people to explore mole removal.

Medical Mole Removal

While most moles are harmless, it’s important to get them all checked regularly. The number of people diagnosed with skin cancer has increased in the last 50 years in Singapore.

If you have a mole, don’t ignore it

Got a mole you’d like to get rid of?

We do cosmetic mole removal.

Because moles aren’t isolated to one part of the body, they can grow in obvious and stress inducing places (like the face). This can affect your self-confidence and self-worth. Cosmetic mole removal is a popular procedure, especially on the chin, lip, cheeks and ear area.

While they might not be a risk, moles impacting your self-image are worth considering removal, using an ablative laser. Where a high-frequency electric current travels through a probe into the skin tissue, creating an incision, flattening the mole before removing it.

No cutting or stitching

No more moles!

This is a simple, walk-in procedure that doesn’t involve needles. It won’t scar the skin, either. So, if you’re getting a mole removed for aesthetic results, you’ll be pleased, especially if it’s a facial procedure.

It’s important to know, moles have a 50% recurrence rate, even after complete removal, so subsequent treatments may be required. However, with no scarring and little pain, it won’t feel like more than a little lunch-break procedure.

You shouldn’t feel much at all, besides a little pressure.

If you’re looking for the mole removal Singapore cost, fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page. Whether there’s a spot on your back that you prefer wasn’t there or one on your face that’s impacting you and your life, our specialists are here to help you.

Prices for mole removal in Singapore start from only $100. We also provide a removal service for warts, skin tags and milia.

Looking good isn’t for anyone else but you. If a small mole is affecting your daily life, it’s worth looking into getting it taken off. We’ll listen to you, no matter how seemingly small that beauty, pet-peeve is.

Small changes go a long way. We see it every day.

Sit down with our medical aesthetic clinic professionals. At Lux Medical Aesthetic Clinic, we understand both sides.

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